Perplex offers configuration parameters to easily include scripts for a tracking service. Currently Fathom and Google Analytics (GA4) are directly supported.

Website creators like to get an impression of their audience and want to know how much attention their pages get. And when they start some kind of campaign, they usually want to measure its success.

Google Analytics 4

Google offers its own widely used analytics service. It’s free of charge for many of its extensive functions.

When you place your Google Measurement ID in the main configuration file like googleAnalytics: G-MEASUREMENT_ID the internal template provided by Hugo gets included into the <head> of all your pages.

There is some concern about Google collecting data from website visitors via its analytics software. And that’s why many sites are obligated to inform their visitors about this service and to ask them for an explicit permission to use it.

Fathom Analytics

Fathom is a smaller company offering its popular service Fathom Analytics*. It’s privacy-focused and because they don’t collect any individual data from our visitors, we don’t need to inform them about this merely statistical service.

Fathom doesn’t offer as many tools and information as Google. But if you don’t need all this anyway, you will probably like their clear and simple backend. The most important advantage of the service — at least for me: We can use tracking without an annoying initial banner on our site!

This advantage comes at a (reasonable) price. Because Fathom doesn’t monetize the data from your website they want to be paid for their service after a short tryout period.

When you have a fathom id for your site, place it like fathomSiteID: ABCDEFG in the parameter section of your configuration. And when you are using their custom domain you also need to provide the full link like fathomCustomDomain: also in this section.