Build your documentation site with the Perplex theme.

Create Markdown files with meta-data and let Hugo and Perplex generate this layout.


Store images and figures together with your Markdown content if they are page-specific or as global assets to use them throughout your whole site.

Let Hugo and Perplex handle the various sizes for an optimal resolution on all screens.

Initial image processing time on Netlify for
around 120 images on this site: ≈ 45s.

Get started

Study the documentation and get its source.

Build and serve this project locally with Hugo to explore the capabilities of the theme — no further installation required, copy included.

Seasoned Hugo folks may like the short preview. Like to contribute? The theme has its own repository.

Efficient & Secure

Hugo is the fastest static site generator in the world. Local previews are served instantly and the build time is minimal.

Hugo enables strict security policies for external data and the build process.

Perplex doesn’t rely on HTML tags in Markdown. Injection of malicious code is made as hard as possible.


Use text files containing

for basic layout
for style variations
for complex layout
for meta-data (menus etc.)

Determine site URLs simply by your folder structure or manage them precisely with configuration parameters.

Page types

Create a documentation with up to three folder levels.

Generate the sidebar menu including material icons with a few front-matter parameters in your content files.

Start a blog ordered by taxonomies and add single pages for organizational content.


Realize the possibilities of this layout. Let your content flow onto a baseline grid in evenly spaced columns.

Screens with a view-port width ≥ 592px present text and code with an optimized line-length.

Move and resize figures, images and code boxes with Markdown attributes.