All images in this documentation were made available free of charge by numerous skilled photographers on Unsplash. Their names and a link to the original source are given in the captions.

The concept for a layout geared towards classical typographic principles grew over some years out of many already existing ideas. I can’t even mention every helpful author I read about typography and CSS techniques. Many conceptual parts date back to Matthew Butterick’s beautiful online book Practical Typo­graphy. He also taught me a lot about typography in general and some about distinctive American-English features.

Perplex is — as the name says — based on IBM’s open corporate font family Plex. These fonts are really made for technical publishing and even offer a nice serif specimen.

Without Chris Coyier’s always up-to-date website CSS-Tricks I would have been lost in the CSS specs. He and all his contributors have been clarifying the constantly evolving capabilities of CSS like only a few others.

Last but not least: Only thanks to Hugo and its active and helpful community I could realize this theme. I owe special thanks to Steve Francia for bringing Hugo to life, to Joe Mooring for his numerous precise suggestions and examples and of course to the long time project leader Bjørn Erik Pedersen for his ongoing enhancements and improvements.