Features with a top priority and the ones which would be nice to have.


Start page
A distinct starting page always depends on the project but the theme should include a simple template as a starting point.
Article pages
For long texts a big title, a hero image, and a more centered layout would be more appropriate.

Nice to have

Media shortcodes
The difficulty with media is to find self-reliant solutions.
  • Video (mp4)
  • AsciiCast (self-hosted). The current shortcode is only a wrapper for a call to the official server.
  • Audio
  • Image galleries
  • override Hugo’s shortcodes for Youtube and Vimeo because they are not GDPR-compliant.
Better SEO
The meta tags are fine, Lighthouse gives the theme a 100. But there is still some room for improvement. The theme includes the module hugo-mod-meta for this task.
Archive pages
Archive pages are not essential for a documentation site. But depending on the content of the other sections, they might come in handy.
Allow to use other icon sets than Material Symbols for the documentation pages.
New elements
Many ideas …

Suggestions are very welcome as new issues in the repo. Please check out the existing ones before filing a new one.