A site layout based on classic typographical principles and techniques.

Advanced user-friendly design to publish technical Markdown content. All different kinds of pages reside on the same layout grid:
  • large documentation

  • news stream

  • blog postings

  • author pages

  • in-depth articles (coming)

Enhanced styling
Many Markdown attributes and a few custom shortcodes to improve and variate the styling and the layout.
Light and dark modes follow your OS settings.
All navigational elements to sift through the content as fast as possible are generated from data in the frontmatter:
  • Site menu

  • Sidebar menu (documentation)

  • Taxonomies

  • Page-to-page links

  • Breadcrumbs

Google’s Material Symbols and Simple Icons for brands can be included by their identifiers. Material Symbols automatically show in all navigational elements of the documentation. All icon sets can also be used as Markdown content (using shortcodes).
Their appearance can be controlled to a large extent. The theme handles their preprocessing and the generation of all the needed variants. They are delivered smoothly and without layout shifts.
Full-text search
The theme is ready for Pagefind, a very fast and bandwidth-efficient search library for self-hosting.
Sites built with this theme are very fast and cost-effective. Image sets are highly optimized to minimize the needed bandwidth (and loaded lazily), fonts are split into small packages, and icons are embedded inline.
The build process is also fast, cost-effective, and energy-efficient — thanks to Hugo.