The title section is generated from meta-data in the front-matter.

Most parameters for the title section contain strings. Often, we can just write them conveniently into the YAML front-matter values. But there is one caveat with YAML: In case we’re using characters, which are reserved for YAML itself, we need to enclose these strings in straight quotes to avoid parsing errors.

The title itself

title: (mandatory)
is a string and its value contains the page title. It may include inline markup or replacement codes. But if we use them, we need to provide an additional linktitle with pure text for navigational elements.
linktitle: (optional)
is a text string and contains a short title. It’s used in navigational elements.


description: (mandatory)
is a text string and contains a more thorough explanation of the page’s topic. It should still be relatively short, because it appears in navigational elements like the section overview or small cards.
subtitle: (optional)
is a boolean and set to false by default. Set it to true if you want the short description to appear as a subtitle beneath the page title. Usually, the first paragraph in the content is meant to introduce the reader and you should not use a subtitle and a standfirst paragraph together on the same page.