The title section has two different layout styles depending on the function and the place of a page in the site hierarchy.

List and top-level page

  1. Header rule
  2. Page title
  3. Optional subtitle

Single content page

  1. Meta content
  2. First date published
  3. Page Title
  4. Optional subtitle.

Variable Elements

Meta content

Short breadcrumbs above the page title provide the name of the current section and link to its page. If there is a parent section, its name is also referenced.
Blog entries
Labels above the page title show categories and tags the page has been given and link to their collection pages.

Day of publishing

This information is contained in the date parameter of the front-matter data and ususally set to the date, when the content file has been generated with hugo new.

Page Title

The page title is taken from the title parameter in the front-matter and may contain inline Markdown formatting like emphasis.


The subtitle is taken from the description parameter in the front-matter, if the front-matter parameter subtitle is true. It may also contain inline markup.

The subtitle is an optional element, because there is also the possibility to show a lead paragraph at the beginning of the content. It’s up to the editor, which elements to use.