The title section of all templates is generated from parameters in the frontmatter of our content files.

The title sections of this theme often begin with general data like the publishing date, author portraits, breadcrumbs or taxonomies. The frontmatter parameters for this meta-information have already been discussed in the general introduction.

Then follows the title and an optional subtitle which is generated from a short description. Both are mandatory for this theme even if there is usually no visible subtitle.

The title

title (mandatory)
is a Markdown string and contains the page title.
linktitle (optional)
is a Markdown string and contains an optional short title. This parameter is used for navigational elements and defaults to the title value. Use it if the full title is too large.

The theme checks the length of the title (or the link title) to keep the length of breadcrumbs within a reasonable limit for a balanced layout. You can set a new limit with the site configuration parameter params: limit: linkTitle.


description (mandatory)
is a text string and contains a more thorough explanation of the page’s topic. It should still be short because it appears in navigational elements like the section overview or small cards.
subtitle (optional)
is a boolean and set to false by default. Set it to true if you want the short description to appear as a subtitle beneath the page title. Usually, the first paragraph in the content is meant to introduce the reader and they usually don’t mix well.

There is one caveat for YAML strings: In case we’re using characters, that are reserved for YAML formatting (like : or -), we need to enclose strings in (straight) quotes to avoid parsing errors.