Punctuation Keymap of the German Keyboard Layout for Ubuntu.

Our personal keymap depends on the keyboard layout and the operating system. The punctuation signs for the usual German keyboard with Ubuntu Linux are convenient. As far as I know, other Linux distributions ship with the same layout.

Punctuation nameUnicodeKey combination
Double quotes leftAlt Gr + B
Double quotes rightAlt Gr + N
Single quote leftAlt Gr + Shift + B
Single quote rightAlt Gr + Shift + N
Guillemets left»Alt Gr + Y
Guillemets right«Alt Gr + X
Guillemet leftAlt Gr + Shift + Y
Guillemet rightAlt Gr + Shift + X
„Gänsefüßchen“ leftAlt Gr + V
„Gänsefüßchen“ rightAlt Gr + B
„Anführung“ leftAlt Gr + Shift + V
„Anführung” rightAlt Gr + Shift + B
ApostropheAlt Gr + #
EllipsisAlt Gr + .
DashAlt Gr + -
Long dash — Alt Gr + Shift + -