Front-end developer1 specializing in typographic layout & SSG.

I’m engaged in web publishing. My focus lies on a consistent layout structure and optimal legibility on modern devices. I’m developing fluid-responsive designs because they can integrate many achievements of classic typographic page design.

Baseline grids and evenly spaced columns bear many fruits when the layout proportions are at least partially fixed as they always are on physical pages. Fluid-responsive templates like the ones of this theme contain only a few layout versions and each one beyond mobile preserves fixed proportions between its breakpoints.

Cascading Style Sheets
are my main field of expertise. Style sheets are a collection of mechanisms to add fonts and styling to a web document. They’re not a consistent programming language and every rigorous system reducing their complexity for the sake of technical maintainability tends to diminish their capabilities.

I don’t follow one CSS methodology on my projects and combine particular achievements of SMACSS, BEM, and OOCSS. Similarly, I use SASS and PostCSS to simplify and optimize the style sheet generation.

is a very popular heuristic markup system to structure text files. Because Markdown has been derived from intuitive markup habits in early text forums and emails it’s overly simplistic. I’m an expert in enriching and styling the resulting HTML.
I’ve been using this reliable engine since version 0.18 to build fast static websites that require minimal maintenance. When Markdown attributes became available in version 0.86 I started to dive deep into Markdown styling. I’ve been constantly following Hugo’s growing capabilities and have become a proficient template programmer.
I have experience with vanilla Javascript, Typescript, and the Node universe. I like to progressively enhance static sites following the JAMStack concept.

I’m also a writer and speaker (in German) with a focus on the epistemology of the natural sciences, and a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences 
in Frankfurt.

  1. My design skills are self-taught. I’ve got an advanced degree in physics (diploma thesis in the field of applied non-linear dynamics, minor field: IT). ↩︎

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