Perplex presents this image at the top of your page and in reference cards. It’s also included in a special format for search engines and social networks.


The image file needs to be placed in the page bundle. Only one featured image is allowed per page and it should be at least 660px wide to display it with double density on high-resolution screens.

If no featured image is available, Perplex will search for one in related pages or use the site fallback as last resort.


To make the image file available to Hugo and the theme, it also needs to be registered in the resources section of the front-matter. The filename of the image is identified by its reserved name featured. And you can add an alternative text for your image with the alt parameter.

The content file of this page for example contains the following section:

  - src: ray-hennessy-gdTxVSAE5sk-unsplash.jpg
    name: featured
      alt: fireworks over open water