The first paragraph of every normal content page should contain a short introduction or summary. Usually, it’s also a good idea to mark this first paragraph with a styling attribute.

A lead paragraph with a summary is mandatory for this theme because it’s needed as the content for large cards etc. Every regular content file generated with hugo new contains a placeholder to remind authors of its necessity.

Because list pages like documentation sections never appear in previews, they don’t have to contain such a summary. An introduction also for sections is nonetheless often a good idea.


The more-tag <!--more--> at the end of a paragraph marks it as the summary of the page.

Hugo always generates a content summary if anyhow possible. But Hugo cannot analyze content. If there is no tagged first paragraph it strips the first sentences (≈ 70 words) down to unformatted text.

The additional attribute {.p-first} before the more-tag styles the first paragraph differently. This is a purely optional layout feature.


The first paragraph on this page is styled as stand-first like on most other pages of this documentation.