When we work on different Hugo projects, we may want to stick to older Hugo versions for mature projects and still use the recent version for the new ones.

Handling different versions of the same software package can get cumbersome. The installation of different versions may be complicated with our package manager so we need to install every version manually. And we may end up with duplicate installations on the same machine.

This is no fun and Joe Mooring has released the Hugo Version Manager on GitHub to avoid these problems. It can handle a large number of multiple installations efficiently and was developed originally for comparing the behavior of different versions as fast as possible.

After the installation, we need to configure our shell environment (on MacOS, Linux, or Windows) with the help of HVM. Then we can simply install (and change) versions in every Hugo project folder with this slick Go command line tool. Besides that, it lets us also install (and easily update) our default version for all projects without special version management.