When you need only a few super- or subscripts in your text, the replacement codes are there for you. When you want to include complex mathematical or chemical formulas you are certainly better off with LaTeX notation.


Replacement codes are surrounded by the curly braces { and } and begin with ^ for super- and _ for subscripts.


x4 x4 X4 X4   x3 x3 X3 X3

Compare the Perplex styling to the one the Plex fonts provide directly — unfortunately only for numbers. We can use them as Unicode glyphs:

x₄ x⁴   X₄ X⁴ x₃ x³   X₃ X³

The numbers are very small and the subscripts are not on the same line (this may be due to a missing CSS configuration parameter). Therefor, the following examples demonstrate the theme replacements.

Chemical Formula

Ethanol, the alcohol with the structural formula C2H5OH is better known as the alcohol.

Mathematical Formula

A simple function f(x) = 3x2 + 5x5 is looking good.


Every fraction with small numbers like 23 or big ones like 23747 may be included using super- and subscripts with a fraction line (entity ⁄) in between them.