Perplex is a technical theme for Hugo, the fastest site generator in the world. It produces a typographic layout, which adapts responsively to nearly all screen sizes. It’s designed for optimal legibility down to a view-port of 360 Pixels width.

Jörg (Georg) Makowski

Perplex is designed for the IBM Plex font family and best suited for content with mixed sections of text and code. The layout is vertically aligned to a baseline grid to generate a comfortable rhythm. Horizontally it’s divided into evenly spaced columns — their number depends on the screen width. On larger screens the responsive design is combined with view-port sized typography — a.k.a. fluid typography — to deliver a coherent layout. The CSS stylesheet is compatible with recent browsers used by around 95% of all users in the world.

The content for pages is most suitable delivered by Markdown files in a directory tree, which determines the website structure. The meta-data for navigational elements, images and other resources is formatted by a data markup language: YAML, TOML or JSON. Global data is contained in the project configuration, page specific data in the front-matter section of their files.